Law Practice Areas for Cyclists

Chris Burns has been specializing in helping bicyclist and cyclists for over 35 years. Here’s a list of practice areas centered around bicyclists.

Wrongful Death Bicycle Accidents

If your loved one has died from a bicycle accident, your family has been emotionally shattered and devastated with sorrow and grief.  Your family should have a highly experienced bicycle accident lawyer to ensure that your loved one’s legal rights are treated with dignity and your family is given full justice.

I have been capably handling wrongful death accident claims of bicyclists for 32 years.  I help the survivors of cyclists killed in bicycle accidents fight and win compensation from the parties responsible. Giving a powerful voice to the victims of fatal bicycle crashes is one of my greatest professional honors.

Bicycle Accidents with Motor Vehicles

Cars and trucks must treat you safely when riding your bicycle or e-bike.  If they cause you to crash, they owe you compensation.  You need an experienced and knowledgeable bicycle accident attorney.  You need a lawyer who understands the special bicycle laws in Florida, but also has unique understanding and experience being an actual cyclist.  I have represented thousands of cyclists over three decades in every nook and cranny of Florida.

I have ridden my bicycle about 120 miles per week for over 35 years all over Florida, the United States, and Europe. I have a unique understanding of the highly specialized equipment on road bikes, e-bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and commuter bikes and how we use it when riding. I have suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of motorists.

Let me give you professional legal help on your bicycle accident claim.

Client Testimonials

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“Chris’ reputation as an expert in helping bicycle accident victims, and his willingness to really care and battle hard for a fair and just end, is well known among cyclists in the State of Florida.”

Jim Wright — National Champion Cyclist; President of Florida Bicycle Racing Association

“Chris Burn's legal advice was invaluable, and he is a very positive force on the Jacksonville Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee”

Jeff Hohlstein — Florida Bicycle Association First Coast Chapter Director

Bicycle Accidents from Roads, Paths, and Bicycle Lanes

As a bicyclist or e-bike rider, your health and well-being depend upon the roads, trails, or bike lanes you use to be safe and fit to ride.  If you have suffered an accident because a road or trail was negligently maintained, I can help you.  You may be entitled to monetary compensation from the owner of the road or path or from the party who has a duty to maintain it.

Bicycle Accidents from Part Failures and Defects (Product Liability)

Have you suffered a bicycle accident because your bicycle was unsafe or defective? Over the years, many bicyclists have suffered injuries when their bicycles broke or failed. Often, they were sold a bicycle that was improperly assembled or repaired. Or the bicycle’s parts, such as a stem, handlebar, or wheel, failed as they were riding.

Manufacturers and bicycle shops owe you a duty to make sure your bicycle is safe for you to ride. Call me if you have been injured by a defective bicycle. I have recovered compensation for victims of bicycle failures for decades.

Bicycle Accidents Caused by Animals

Dogs without a leash can be one of the most dangerous and menacing problems for bicyclists. I know! About 20 years ago, a 50-pound dog, without a leash or fence, sprinted from his yard and knocked me over on my road bike. I fractured my collarbone. An ambulance transported me to the hospital. I suffered from months of pain. My fracture never healed completely. I incurred extensive medical bills and the cost of replacing the bike. 20 years later, I don’t have full use of my left shoulder.

Have you had a bicycle accident caused by a dog? I have been successfully recovering compensation for cyclists injured by dogs for my entire legal career.

E-Bike Accidents

If you have been injured in an e-bike accident caused by the negligence of another person, you have legal rights and may be entitled to substantial compensation. Personally, I have owned an e-bike for years. I have represented numerous e-bike riders. I have forced insurance companies to replace the e-bikes when they are damaged. Often the electronics make them too difficult to repair, the e-bike should be “totaled” by the insurance company, and the rider should get his e-bike replaced. I have also recovered substantial money for e-bike riders when they are injured.

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